Thursday, November 15, 2012

Proposition 37 gains huge public support

A large number of people showed their interest in saying “yes” to Proposition 37 that was supposed to let people know about what is in their food. Though the proposition failed at the ballot box in California through the combined effort of several multinational firms whose only aim in life is to keep people sick, the campaign was able to achieve a high level of awareness among the public regarding the genetically modified ingredients in food. Natural News reports that the people of California have lost the battle, but they are preparing for a larger war.

There was an all round effort from companies like Monsanto, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, General Mills, Bayer, DuPont and Kellogg's to spoil the campaign for Proposition 37. Millions of dollars had been invested in a counter campaign which advocated defeating the proposition, Natural News reports. It is clear that these companies never wanted people to know about what they were eating as it would only put a halt to their booming business as most of their products harbored and still harbor harmful chemicals. These companies also took to fraudulence to safeguard their interests and complaints in this regard have already been filed with the FBI. 


Though the billion dollar companies managed to suppress Proposition 37, Natural News opines that there is a long way to go. People have become hugely aware of what they are eating as many reputed organizations like Nature’s Path, Amy’s, Dr. Bronner and many more companies extended their support for the cause. The issue of GMO labeling has gained much space in the minds of Americans who are not ready to retreat with a single defeat. Such campaigns will gain even more impetus in the future no matter how hard the multinational companies try to suppress them.   


Friday, November 9, 2012

US debt plan; New debt to pay debt??

Ever had two choices and both of them were absurd, so you just picked the lesser of two evils?

How many millions of dollars make a billion, do you know?

How many billions make a trillion, do you know?

Ever bought a product or service because the slogan said what you were hoping for, like “longest lasting muffler” or “best in customer service,” only to find out later that the slogan is the exact OPPOSITE of what you get? President Obama promises to reduce the deficit. What do you think is going to happen?

Ever borrowed on a credit card to pay another credit card? That’s the U.S. Government's 4 year plan!

Why are smart, caring Congress people like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson screaming about blatant U.S. Government violations of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Are they making things up? Where’s the proof?



Why are Americans, according to ALL the politicians in charge, “responsible” to help pay off this 18 trillion dollar debt? We all know the Iraq war was started on false pretenses of Saddam being linked to 9/11 and having WMD’s, so why to taxpayers have to carry the burden again? We all know the Obama bailouts went to the wall street gurus, the global bankers, and CEO’s, so why are tax payers on the hook for the bill?


We all know the Feds print money whenever they want to fill their pockets, so why is the U.S. paying it back with Social Security funds, Medicare and Medicaid cuts, and other money everyone got taxed on and saved for retirement?


“The mind-numbing re-election of President Obama in the wake of trillions of dollars in new debt created by the man is the death knell for fiscal responsibility in the United States of America. Only under Obama does Big Government not only think it can spend money more wisely than the businesses and workers from which it confiscates wealth; it also believes government is so wise and arrogant that it can confidently spend trillions of dollars today which have yet to be confiscated from taxpayers in the future!

This belief in economic time travel is the fairytale fantasy of the self-congratulatory
Washington tax-and-spend elite whose cognitive superiority should be self-evident, they insist, by the mere fact that they have graduate degrees from Harvard and Yale. But if these genius decision makers are so smart, you might wonder, why have all the economic problems of America only gotten worse over the last four years?”       - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger reports: click here to keep reading:

 Also, this just in:
"While all eyes were on Hurricane Sandy in the days leading up to the storm's breach on the mainland of the Northeast, the White House was busy devising new ways to enslave Americans under the guise of protecting national security. On October 26, 2012, Barack Obama quietly signed an Executive Order (EO) establishing the so-called Homeland Security Partnership Council, a public-private partnership that basically merges the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with local governments and the private sector for the implied purpose of giving the Executive Branch complete and limitless control over the American people.

One of the most effective ways by which the federal government has been able to spread its tendrils into every level of state, regional, and local governments in years past has been to continually convince the people that terrorism lurks around every corner, and that the federal government is needed to provide safety. This, of course, is how blatantly unconstitutional provisions like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) were able to get passed with relative ease -- without these draconian expansions of federal control over American affairs, the terrorists will win, we were all told."  

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Too Little, TOO LATE! Just like Katrina, no front-end Government funded storm aid! THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING FOR A WEEK!


They had a WEEK’S NOTICE of this Katrina-like massively destructive event, so there are NO EXCUSES.

Here’s how it should have gone down:

All of the following would have and should have been Federally Funded and Prepared if the U.S. Government really cared about Natural Disaster Victims:

  1. Gasoline tankers and lines ship thousands of gallons toward the East Coast expected impact areas.
  2. Organic food, superfoods, natural medicines like colloidal silver mass shipped and ready for distribution
  3. Massive amounts of bottled spring water shipped to stores, shelters, hospitals, etc.
  4. Massive amounts of generators/heaters shipped and ready for distribution
  5. 1000’s of National Guard deployed as hurricane subsides so they are ready immediately after storm ends.
  6. Hundreds of food banks set up in advance
  7. Hundreds of free shelters set up in advance
  8. Construction and clean up crews ready for free-help for all.
  9. Extra fire and police back up squads and crews travel from other states to inflicted areas immediately upon impact of storm.
  10. Free on line credit for food, water, clothing, and emergency materials via relief funds.

The first 72 hours after a natural disaster are the "polite" hours. Residents operate under the illusion that Big Government will soon save them with emergency supplies: food, water, fuel, clothing and more. So they follow the rules and "play nice."

After about the third day, all those social niceties start to erode. People are hungry and angry. There's a feeling of desperation and even abandonment. What seemed to be a polite society two days earlier suddenly becomes more sinister. The survival needs of individuals begin to outweigh social boundaries, and what emerges is desperation... even panic.