Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Remember Hurricane Katrina, and how it took George W. Idiot weeks to send help?! Of course, that’s not what’s happening in New York tonight and tomorrow, or is it? Of course the NYPD blue are ready. But how many NYPD blue are there, in ratio to the number of looters that are on jet ski’s, and in boats, and swimming around in the night in wetsuits, stealing?

Who dares report that there aren’t enough National Guard ready?

Who dares to tell the truth about racial inequality and “too little too late” mentality?

Who exposes the fact that the government spends too little on the people and too much on the big wastes, like war and the pentagon?

Who writes about how the welfare of the innocents is at stake, day in day out, even in the face of tragedy, like hurricane Sandy?

Natural News.
The Health Ranger Mike Adams.
Alex Jones
Natural News Reporters
Natural News Journalists
Natural News podcasts
Natural News breaking video clips!

Don't get too distracted by the Media though;

Remember the WAR going on in California to label GMO's! This could be the precedent we need to Label GMO's all accross America!!

Label GMO's all accross America!!
Label GMO's all accross America!!
Label GMO's all accross America!!
Label GMO's all accross America!!
Label GMO's all accross America!!

More than 700 chefs and professional foodies, "from prominent names like David Bouley to up-and-comers like the chef Bryant Terry of Oakland," have lent their voice to supporters of the measure, saying - as all of us who support the effort have said - it is time the public learned all there is to know regarding GM foods.

To the chefs and foodies, it's not just the right thing to do, it's about protecting the integrity of the foods they prepare and we eat.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037755_chefs_GMO_labeling_Proposition_37.html#ixzz2AoJaU5OG

Who donated $10,000 to help prop 37 in California label GMO food?
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of Natural News!

Who cares about your safety, your well being, your health, and who writes thousands of words every day to help communicate the truth?

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of Natural News!

The truth. Natural News. Untainted News. Get the scoop.





Monday, October 29, 2012

Canada declares BPA safe; Canadian government now breeding sickness for money, just like USA’s!

First they said it was toxic, now all of the sudden its safe! Never heard of flip-flopping on toxins, I thought that was just a political campaign strategy. Now, Health Canada's Food Directorate claims that exposure to BPA in food packaging "is not expected to pose a health risk to the general population, including newborns and young children."

This BPA, or bisphenol A, leaches out of containers into food and drinks and causes breast cancer, prostate cancer, birth defects in newborns, and much more! This is bad news, and is just as bad as FLUORIDATING WATER, which is now a double whammy for humans and animals, we have a drug in the municipal water and drugs in the bottled water. Great!

Corporate backed bureaucrats are back peddling for millions. The chemical industry is winning in Canada, just like it has been in the United States since after WWII, when Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Bayer, BASF, and Big Pharma in general starting their wars on good health, and now GMO, vaccines and water are polluted to the max with chemicals that drive cancer cases.
You know there’s a government scam to make you sick when they take a “good for you” item and ACTUALLY ADD IN TOXINS. Many people buy bottled spring water because they already know the tap water has fluoride in it, and bleach, and pollution. People do not want to get cancer, so they try to eat and drink healthy. But the U.S. Government makes money off cancer and sickness, so they go out and turn a healthy item into a cancer causing item, or they simply don’t regulate companies that do it. It’s that simple. There’s no conspiracy or conspiracy theory here, just plain and simple politics.
See, politicians invest in Coke, in McDonald’s, in Vaccine Manufacturers, in Drug Makers, because they know how to double and triple their investments. Big Pharma is like advertising in America, it keeps the 1% from ever becoming part of the 99%, and you can bet they know where the toxins are, and they don’t feed them to their own families. They know about toxic water. They know about BPA. They know about Fluoride. They know about GMO.
Here it is; full coverage from Natural News:
"Keeping up with the latest science regarding chemical safety is apparently of little or no concern to the Canadian government, which recently declared the highly-toxic plastics chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) to be safe just two years after declaring it to be a toxin. In a report issued by Health Canada's Food Directorate, the agency has iterated its unfounded position that exposure to BPA in food packaging "is not expected to pose a health risk to the general population, including newborns and young children."

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037740_BPA_Health_Canada_toxic_chemicals.html#ixzz2Ahsi0oPB

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cure for cancer developed, but kept a secret to benefit Big Pharma

One of the major issues and diseases that the people are concerned with is the deadly disease, cancer. This issue is something that concerns almost everybody in the world now. This disease has become a common ailment now days and people look for its cure. Every household throughout the world is affected with this serious problem. The health rangers of this sector aim to provide and offer good range of information and knowledge to the individuals all throughout the world so that they can be aware of the diseases, its effects and the cure.

Is Disease just an “ailment”

The big pharmaceutical companies offer their products to the people and have created a monopoly over the market. They refuse any kind of natural remedies or cure that has the power to actually make an individual get rid of this disease. But the big companies are afraid that these natural remedies will take over their market and will destroy their monopoly that has been established by them in the market.

The scientists and researchers of the developed countries like the United States have found ways to treat the disease easily but most of them are reluctant to make the information public.

Big pharmaceutical companies control the media!

The authorities are well aware about the seriousness of cancer and the number of people it affects each and every year and the rising number of lives that it takes away, but just to make money they refuse to divulge this information and share it with the people.

Big pharmaceutical companies control the media, which is a medium of mass communication and through which a lot of facts can come to light. This control helps them to actually keep the cure and the remedy of this disease away from the reach of the general public so that they have to rely on their services. This will help in the growth of their companies and its expansion in the market. It shows that though being in a developed and highly educated and sophisticated country; for these people, money is much more valuable than the lives of general public.

Get educated. Get Natural News today. Get the inside scoop. Detox your body if you’ve been eating GMO. Get free from “free radicals”. Get healthy. Get your pH alkaline. Get smarter. Don’t be fooled by the system, the media, the food lies. Don’t drink fluoridated water. Never eat processed food. Go organic. Go to your local farmer’s market. Make your own garden great! Buy organic seeds. Never feed your kids GMO. Boycott all Fast Food. You can do it! Fry vegetables at home and put them on organic bread if you want a “fried sandwich”. This is the way to live to be 100 and healthy all the while. You can win the health war. Eat organic and avoid Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, IBS, depression and lack of energy. Find out the real YOU and function at the best of your abilities!

Natural News and Natural Health go hand in hand.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

GMOs in pregnant women can cause cancer, even in the fetus!

Food habits in recent days have become more and more dictated by technological advancements rather than instincts. With striking technological and scientific improvements in every sphere of life, people are becoming more and more inclined towards genetically modified food, seeds, and organisms. Genetic modification, on one hand, has undoubtedly increased the productivity of crops and on the other, it has ushered an era of new sorts of diseases that were previously unheard of. Such is the influence of the GMOs on human beings that they are even capable of causing cancer in the fetus.

A study conducted by the researchers from University of Sherbrook Hospital Centre in Quebec, Canada shows that all the pregnant women involved in the study as subjects were found with blood samples containing GMO toxins. But the most dreadful part is that their unborn babies were also found affected with such toxins. From this study, it is evident that these toxic ingredients fail to break down and are not eliminated during digestion and continue to linger in the blood of the host. These elements not only avoid the digestive system of the pregnant women but they also take refuge in their blood for an indefinite span of time and even enter the blood streams of the unborn children in their womb. These toxins are responsible for an unknown number and types of diseases but it is certain that they play a vital role in harvesting seeds of cancer in the fetus.

With this shocking revelation, it has become more important for women to become cautious about what they eat because the GMO toxins find their way inside the body only through food. Though the government should actually do something about it, we already know that they won’t and so, we are left with just one option – be careful about what we eat and drink so that we don’t infect our off-spring with these harmful toxins.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Subliminally Red - Fast Food Signs Hypnotize Kids

Psychologists and psychiatrists must have been in on the planning of this massive mind control trick. Take a look:

Have you ever noticed that most of the fast food signs are red? Yep, Wendy's, Burger King, Hardee's, Sonic, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Dairy Queen, Popeye's, Bojangles, and the list goes on and on and on.

So what's the deal? Red usually means danger, like red sirens, or fast red cars, and we know that fast food is dangerous for your health, but they wouldn't want us thinking that, so maybe it's reverse psychology?

Some say the reason might be because red really catches your attention. It is after all the main color in all of the signs listed above. When you're driving on the highway, traveling, and you see those rest stop and restaurant signs, it is pretty easy to pick out the major "Fat Food" joints!


In the wild, predators will avoid certain shades of yellow-red-orange, but in other cases, they are attractive. Perhaps there is a bit of mimicry going on with the fast food restaurants as well.

There’s definitely something about that yellow-red combination that has a primal connection with "food." In the case of the butterflies, it’s "Stay away!" The opposite is true with the companies with logos pictured above – "Come here and eat me!"


According to the color theory, these colors are known to subconsciously TRIGGER HUNGER and/or induce excitement. Just how accurate is this theory? Research has shown that people eat more in a room with warm color surroundings as opposed to a room painted in cold colors, like blue, black, and purple. Studies have shown that these colors actually SUPPRESS APPETITE because they are associated with foods that may have become spoiled. Still not convinced?

Read this fast:


Are you drooling yet? Maybe you're gagging?

Can fast food act as a sort of mind-control factor on children? The answer is yes, according to a new study, and in fact, researchers say, the fast food companies have succeeded in essentially brainwashing an entire generation.

According to research teams at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Kansas Medical Center suggests that a child's brain could be imprinted with fast-food restaurants' logos and brands.

If you've been eating this stuff, please stop now. If your kids are eating this stuff, stop them now. You can clean out your body and get well soon! How?
Detox and Superfood!  What in the world is Enerfood?? It's the opposite of fast food, although you can put it in your next health shake pretty fast!

“Enerfood” is the best Superfood! 

Protect your family with the ultimate superfood;

 Turmeric Benefits are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

Turmeric is one of the most researched natural remedies of modern science! 

Why? Turmeric is routinely used as a key spice in many South Asian and Middle Eastern nations and is even heavily embedded into Ayurvedic, a traditional system of medicine that originated thousands of years ago! Many traditional systems of medicine have recognized the ginger family relative known as turmeric as a 'spice powerhouse' of sorts. Check out tumeric benefits: This high quality natural remedy for healthy living can be found at the new Natural News Store: http://www.naturalnews.com/Turmeric/Turmeric-Benefits.html


Fast Food Disease (FFD)

Kids get influenced by peers very easily and this influence is also seen in their food habits. They opt for junk and fast foods that are bad for their health and also challenges and interrupts their growth. It is very challenging for the parents to set a good health diet for their kids and make them follow it on a regular basis. A new and innovative way has been adopted by Health Rangers to educate kids about the same.

As they are mostly inclined towards music, the Health Rangers hit on the idea that the risk related to GMOs should be exposed to them through music videos, which will attract their attention quickly and will also influence them instantly.

The consumers are constantly being betrayed by the food industry as they get products that have GMOs which the food industry sells and advertise as natural products. A lot of brands associated with this industry have been detected containing GMOs at large proportions, such brands and products should be banned from the market; that will teach them a lesson of risking the lives of people for their benefit.

It has been observed that more than the adults, these junk foods attract the kids who become easily prone to serious and hazardous diseases. They need to be taught about the healthy eating habits and the parents need to be very cautious about the kind of food their children are exposed to.

These junk and fast foods are owned by large food companies though detected with toxic materials in them, are still being advertised through different mediums. The television ads that promote junk foods are created in such a lucrative manner that it easily garners the fascination of the kids. Cookies, donuts, drink mixes and other products are very easily available in any shop or supermarket and this increases the problem for parents to control their kids from eating them.


Prevent 900 Diseases! Learn how now:

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Organic food has become a rarity, with waste of all kinds getting accumulated in  urban as well as agricultural lands (pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, military waste, hospital waste, landfill pollution and runoff, cigarette filters, metropolitan industrial waste, automobile waste, etc.), it has become extremely difficult to get your hands on pure food, devoid of any harmful elements. Add to this the forcible GM crop promotion, and the poison dose is complete for at least a few decades.

This being the backdrop, the introduction of an organic superfood like Enerfood is a blessing for the millions of consumers who wish to get an all-in-one solution to their nutrition requirements.

·       Enerfood is the answer to 900 nutritional deficiency diseases

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Moreover, Enerfood is easy to consume as well. You can make a tasty mix by following this recipe:

·       Two scoops of Enerfood

·       One tablespoon of coconut sugar and one banana for acting as a sweetenerOne tablespoon of raw cacao

·       One raw avocado

·       Almond milk

Almond milk must be added according to the requirement to give the mixture the texture of a smoothie.

Now,  get your own container of Enerfood for yourself and for your family from Natural News store and fortify your defense systems against any disease.