Monday, November 5, 2012

Too Little, TOO LATE! Just like Katrina, no front-end Government funded storm aid! THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING FOR A WEEK!


They had a WEEK’S NOTICE of this Katrina-like massively destructive event, so there are NO EXCUSES.

Here’s how it should have gone down:

All of the following would have and should have been Federally Funded and Prepared if the U.S. Government really cared about Natural Disaster Victims:

  1. Gasoline tankers and lines ship thousands of gallons toward the East Coast expected impact areas.
  2. Organic food, superfoods, natural medicines like colloidal silver mass shipped and ready for distribution
  3. Massive amounts of bottled spring water shipped to stores, shelters, hospitals, etc.
  4. Massive amounts of generators/heaters shipped and ready for distribution
  5. 1000’s of National Guard deployed as hurricane subsides so they are ready immediately after storm ends.
  6. Hundreds of food banks set up in advance
  7. Hundreds of free shelters set up in advance
  8. Construction and clean up crews ready for free-help for all.
  9. Extra fire and police back up squads and crews travel from other states to inflicted areas immediately upon impact of storm.
  10. Free on line credit for food, water, clothing, and emergency materials via relief funds.

The first 72 hours after a natural disaster are the "polite" hours. Residents operate under the illusion that Big Government will soon save them with emergency supplies: food, water, fuel, clothing and more. So they follow the rules and "play nice."

After about the third day, all those social niceties start to erode. People are hungry and angry. There's a feeling of desperation and even abandonment. What seemed to be a polite society two days earlier suddenly becomes more sinister. The survival needs of individuals begin to outweigh social boundaries, and what emerges is desperation... even panic. 

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