Friday, October 12, 2012

Prevent 900 Diseases! Learn how now:

At a time when most of the nutrient sources are either infested with pesticides/insecticides or depleted, how does someone go about feeding their body with what it needs? Well, now you have nothing to worry about as ENERFOOD is here – it is a 100 percent USDA certified organic superfood! What’s more, it’s amazingly affordable with the average cost coming to less than a dollar per serving.

Organic food has become a rarity, with waste of all kinds getting accumulated in  urban as well as agricultural lands (pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, military waste, hospital waste, landfill pollution and runoff, cigarette filters, metropolitan industrial waste, automobile waste, etc.), it has become extremely difficult to get your hands on pure food, devoid of any harmful elements. Add to this the forcible GM crop promotion, and the poison dose is complete for at least a few decades.

This being the backdrop, the introduction of an organic superfood like Enerfood is a blessing for the millions of consumers who wish to get an all-in-one solution to their nutrition requirements.

·       Enerfood is the answer to 900 nutritional deficiency diseases

·       It includes all the essential nutrients like 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, three essential fatty acids like omega-3 and 6

·       It doesn’t demand much from your pockets

·       Each container has a total of 50 servings

·       Healthy and tasty organic food supplement for making up for all the nutritional deficiencies

Moreover, Enerfood is easy to consume as well. You can make a tasty mix by following this recipe:

·       Two scoops of Enerfood

·       One tablespoon of coconut sugar and one banana for acting as a sweetenerOne tablespoon of raw cacao

·       One raw avocado

·       Almond milk

Almond milk must be added according to the requirement to give the mixture the texture of a smoothie.

Now,  get your own container of Enerfood for yourself and for your family from Natural News store and fortify your defense systems against any disease.

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