Wednesday, October 17, 2012

GMOs in pregnant women can cause cancer, even in the fetus!

Food habits in recent days have become more and more dictated by technological advancements rather than instincts. With striking technological and scientific improvements in every sphere of life, people are becoming more and more inclined towards genetically modified food, seeds, and organisms. Genetic modification, on one hand, has undoubtedly increased the productivity of crops and on the other, it has ushered an era of new sorts of diseases that were previously unheard of. Such is the influence of the GMOs on human beings that they are even capable of causing cancer in the fetus.

A study conducted by the researchers from University of Sherbrook Hospital Centre in Quebec, Canada shows that all the pregnant women involved in the study as subjects were found with blood samples containing GMO toxins. But the most dreadful part is that their unborn babies were also found affected with such toxins. From this study, it is evident that these toxic ingredients fail to break down and are not eliminated during digestion and continue to linger in the blood of the host. These elements not only avoid the digestive system of the pregnant women but they also take refuge in their blood for an indefinite span of time and even enter the blood streams of the unborn children in their womb. These toxins are responsible for an unknown number and types of diseases but it is certain that they play a vital role in harvesting seeds of cancer in the fetus.

With this shocking revelation, it has become more important for women to become cautious about what they eat because the GMO toxins find their way inside the body only through food. Though the government should actually do something about it, we already know that they won’t and so, we are left with just one option – be careful about what we eat and drink so that we don’t infect our off-spring with these harmful toxins.


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