Friday, October 12, 2012

Fast Food Disease (FFD)

Kids get influenced by peers very easily and this influence is also seen in their food habits. They opt for junk and fast foods that are bad for their health and also challenges and interrupts their growth. It is very challenging for the parents to set a good health diet for their kids and make them follow it on a regular basis. A new and innovative way has been adopted by Health Rangers to educate kids about the same.

As they are mostly inclined towards music, the Health Rangers hit on the idea that the risk related to GMOs should be exposed to them through music videos, which will attract their attention quickly and will also influence them instantly.

The consumers are constantly being betrayed by the food industry as they get products that have GMOs which the food industry sells and advertise as natural products. A lot of brands associated with this industry have been detected containing GMOs at large proportions, such brands and products should be banned from the market; that will teach them a lesson of risking the lives of people for their benefit.

It has been observed that more than the adults, these junk foods attract the kids who become easily prone to serious and hazardous diseases. They need to be taught about the healthy eating habits and the parents need to be very cautious about the kind of food their children are exposed to.

These junk and fast foods are owned by large food companies though detected with toxic materials in them, are still being advertised through different mediums. The television ads that promote junk foods are created in such a lucrative manner that it easily garners the fascination of the kids. Cookies, donuts, drink mixes and other products are very easily available in any shop or supermarket and this increases the problem for parents to control their kids from eating them.


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