Monday, October 22, 2012

Cure for cancer developed, but kept a secret to benefit Big Pharma

One of the major issues and diseases that the people are concerned with is the deadly disease, cancer. This issue is something that concerns almost everybody in the world now. This disease has become a common ailment now days and people look for its cure. Every household throughout the world is affected with this serious problem. The health rangers of this sector aim to provide and offer good range of information and knowledge to the individuals all throughout the world so that they can be aware of the diseases, its effects and the cure.

Is Disease just an “ailment”

The big pharmaceutical companies offer their products to the people and have created a monopoly over the market. They refuse any kind of natural remedies or cure that has the power to actually make an individual get rid of this disease. But the big companies are afraid that these natural remedies will take over their market and will destroy their monopoly that has been established by them in the market.

The scientists and researchers of the developed countries like the United States have found ways to treat the disease easily but most of them are reluctant to make the information public.

Big pharmaceutical companies control the media!

The authorities are well aware about the seriousness of cancer and the number of people it affects each and every year and the rising number of lives that it takes away, but just to make money they refuse to divulge this information and share it with the people.

Big pharmaceutical companies control the media, which is a medium of mass communication and through which a lot of facts can come to light. This control helps them to actually keep the cure and the remedy of this disease away from the reach of the general public so that they have to rely on their services. This will help in the growth of their companies and its expansion in the market. It shows that though being in a developed and highly educated and sophisticated country; for these people, money is much more valuable than the lives of general public.

Get educated. Get Natural News today. Get the inside scoop. Detox your body if you’ve been eating GMO. Get free from “free radicals”. Get healthy. Get your pH alkaline. Get smarter. Don’t be fooled by the system, the media, the food lies. Don’t drink fluoridated water. Never eat processed food. Go organic. Go to your local farmer’s market. Make your own garden great! Buy organic seeds. Never feed your kids GMO. Boycott all Fast Food. You can do it! Fry vegetables at home and put them on organic bread if you want a “fried sandwich”. This is the way to live to be 100 and healthy all the while. You can win the health war. Eat organic and avoid Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, IBS, depression and lack of energy. Find out the real YOU and function at the best of your abilities!

Natural News and Natural Health go hand in hand.

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