Thursday, July 17, 2014

Unplug your Fire TV! - Amazon and the CIA may be recording your living room for NSA Mega-data-Hub now

People are crazy. They sit in front of their televisions and do all sorts of stuff, like play crazy video games, or do drugs, or argue about their marriage or politics. Yes, I said it ... politics. They yell at the TV - at CNN for reporting some bull, or at some commercial about the drugs THEY'RE TAKING that have horrific side effects, like violent tendencies and suicidal tendencies, and you get the picture. Between smart meters recording everything you do in the yard to Fire TV recording everything you say in your living room via the microphone in the remote, or didn't you know?

It might be easy to know who you plan to VOTE FOR in the upcoming elections if the Feds and the CIA know who you're screaming at on TV, when you change the channel quickly from FOX to MSNBC and back again, wondering why everybody is covering the same BS.

It's going to be easy to bust your house, if you have drugs and paraphernalia, or prescriptions that AREN"T YOURS just lying around the den or living room, or in the medicine cabinets. I bet the microphone on the remote is high enough quality to hear clear into other rooms of the house. That opens up more conversations for the NSA to make their secret case for your removal.


Fire TV "rights removal system" at play on YOU

There's a reason you can't turn it off folks. There's no power on or power off, just a plug.

You're plugged into a vote, a purchase habit, an attitude about your government and state or city officials. There's discussion in your den about the quality of tap water, the loss of life due to toxic vaccines, and there's talk of FEMA. There may be talk of DHS and the upcoming "Revolution." This looks alot like 1984 Orwell, you were right.

Mike Adams of Natural News gives you the full scoop here about what Fire TV can do for YOU!

Here's Market Oracle publishing about the surveillance:

Friday, July 11, 2014

Will America become "One Giant Emergency Room?"


TB, scabies, chicken pox and lice. This is what's coming across the border folks, not some race of people to like or hate, and not just some issue of people without money, insurance, or driver's licenses, this goes even beyond that, to a level of viral and bacterial mass epidemic, soon, if the pace keeps up. According to Natural News there's one hospital that's telling it like it is, and it's not a pretty picture:


Here's the report from Natural News:  (RE: Fox News Report)


"It's one giant emergency room. They tell me tuberculosis has become a very dangerous issue there. Nurses say the number of children representing symptoms of tuberculosis is 'simply staggering.' Spitting up blood, chest pains, constant coughing. There are at least three confirmed cases for the illegals in Austin, Texas... The federal government is covering up the threat of the health crisis. They say the kids have scabies. They also say they have chicken pox. And lice so severe they can be seen crawling down the faces of the children." - reporter Todd Starnes, Fox News

Here's the full report:


Welcome to E.R. America!


Are the feds covering up the threat? Why would they? What's the motive - the M.O. - method of operation. Is Merck a part of this or Pfizer? Where's the payoff, one must ask, after ALL the fiasco's of the past few years with millions and billions in settlements and all the whistleblowers and scientists who confess to fraud and doctors who confess to payoffs, and everything else.


Here come the waves of sickness, across elementary schools and college campuses. Quick, run get vaccinated with a million things at once, injections full of chemical adjuvants. The general public needs to know NOW how to build immunity to infection using organic herbs, tinctures, and powerful Superfood supplements like Spirulina and Chlorella. This illegal immigration flood of disease into the Southwest of the Continent will soon makes it way to the metro cities and is a quite ominous situation. What will Obama do next? Can Congress demand to "see the plans" or are they all in on it?


Read this: More than 7,000 children have been processed through the two camps, according to a BCFS official. They allege that only 119 children have been treated for lice, 22 for scabies, and one for the H1N1 Flu.

Learn more:


More about the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, and Natural Health News on line:  


Superfood information: "Health Ranger" on Dr. Oz 2014:


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Natural food is not as ‘natural’ as it is claimed to be. Know what your food constitutes of to make the correct decision!

According to Natural News, “As a consumer, it’s about getting in to healthy habits. The research is there. People just need to take the time to click and get information. With that information they can be better informed and make the right choices when it comes to their health.”

Our everyday food is loaded with heavy metals, which if consumed in high amounts can prove to be dangerous for our health. Hence, it is extremely important that one is aware of what they are eating on a daily basis.

Our research shows that many common foods contain mercury and other contaminants,” said Natural News. “We are finding and documenting heavy metals in all sorts of dietary products, including organic foods, protein supplements, herbal supplements, beverages, vitamin pills and more.”

For more information, log onto:

However, there are simple and effective ways by which one can minimize the effects of these heavy metals. For example: eating strawberries can help in capturing mercury during digestion. The fibers present in the strawberry are hard to digest and as such can collect heavy metals and then pass through the human body largely intact. In fact, chlorella, hemp protein and peanut butter are quite helpful in absorbing mercury.

But this is not applicable in the case of other heavy metals. Cadmium, lead and arsenic are not that easy to remove and one therefore needs to make sure that their consumption is limited.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about the issue of different metals used in natural foods and more, one can easily log onto:

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Biotech's MIR 162 corn - what YOU don't know, but China DOES about this toxic import they just banned from US


There's no such thing as GMO Sorghum, yet, but the natural kind of sorghum is a coarse grain the Chinese often use to make liquor, and now it will become a main source of animal feed in China, instead of US pesticide-laden corn, and for good reason. China is choosing to fatten up their hogs and ducks with feed that doesn't contain cancer causing sources. Ever since the Seralini study by the French scientist, the world is quite aware what GM corn does to rats and humans. We aren't ALL stupid, after all.


Now Monsanto must scramble to genetically modify the sorghum, so if this trend continues that can make sure to poison THAT market also. But in the meantime, the MIR 162 toxic corn will probably be discounted on the open "believers" market - meaning whoever is left that doesn't care about cancer rates, or cutting corners unethically.


It's awful to reap what you sow, but America does it and still fakes pride. We all sing the anthem at sporting events as if the President's speeches mean the politicians actually care. If they cared they wouldn't serve billions of tons of pesticide corn and soy to the masses they "rule" - and they wouldn't approve cancer causing food right and left, more and more, and then pretend to offer us "affordable care." Wake up and smell the poisonous MIR 162 corn burning. The roof is on fire! Is this a 3 billion dollar LOSS for USA, or a 3 billion dollar GAIN? Knowledge is power folks, put it to work!


Think about it, if China won't import our corn, and they have some of the filthiest, industrial polluted farm lands in the world, what does that say about Biotech and GMO in general? Should you be extra careful, every day now, to never ingest anything GMO?


I think you should be very careful. Take heed. Tune into Natural Health News daily and see what the pioneers of health and the Journalists are investigating on the front lines of Natural News.


The Natural News Tracker is also a great reporter for Natural News. Reflecting on current reporting and current events, the Tracker keeps up with ongoing progress of the news and reports on the bigger picture too. Understand how what is happening TODAY affects next week, month, year and decade. Understand how to protect your body, mind, your family, and your environment (as much as possible) from the toxic world of bad food and bad medicine so prominent in America, Home of the Brave land of the sheeple.


Want some on-line food and health advice that's NOT allopathic?


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Want an Organic Cup of Coffee? Here ya go!

Coffee lovers are always on the lookout for healthier options, and the response we've received on Nutricafe has been overwhelmingly positive.

Created by the same company that brought you Cocoa Mojo, Nutricafe is a 100% USDA Organic, fair-trade, low-caffeine gourmet coffee that's actually good for you!

Click here to get some at the Natural News store.

Unique immune mushroom blend

Nutricafe is blended with an immune-supporting mushroom complex containing organic Agaricus Blazei, organic Cordyceps Sinensis, organic Grifola Frondosa, organic Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi), organic Coriolus versicolora and organic Lentinula Edodes.

Plus, each cup contains only about half the caffeine of regular coffee. It's less acidic than regular coffee, too, making it more pleasant to drink and easier on digestion.

Fairly traded coffee from the makers of Cocoa Mojo

Nutricafe is also a fairly-traded coffee, meaning the owners of the coffee farms receive a fair living wage rather than the corporate slave wages typically paid by other companies.

Nutricafe is grown in Chiapas, Mexico, and is roasted in San Antonio, Texas. It's then delivered straight to the Natural News warehouse in central Texas.

Nutricafe is in stock right now at the Natural News store.

Recent science documents health benefits of coffee

I'm not a coffee drinker myself, but I've been astonished at all the recent science documenting the health benefits of moderate coffee consumption. (Don't overdo the caffeine, obviously!)

Here's a complete list of all the Natural News stories on coffee:

Learn more:

Organic food proven to be 95% more pure than regular food! - still GMOs continue to threaten our health!

According to Natural News, the recent vote in Jackson County, Oregon, to ban genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has a temporary (though major) setback for the organic community as a whole. There are strict threshold levels for pesticides in foods, called MRLs (maximum residue levels), based on the known toxicity levels of each pesticide. For organic farming in America, the MRL is 5 percent of the regular MRL, meaning organic foods are supposed to be 95 percent more pure than regular food.

And, since "no toxic effect" has ever been observed from GMOs, there are no MRLs for GMOs. The problem is that there is no such thing as contamination of an organic crop by GMOs under current law in America thanks to the FDA being run by Monsanto insiders and former lobbyists and VPs. They even get on the Supreme Court and go back and forth to CEO positions in Biotech.


This is why no organic farmer has ever been able to sue a neighbor for GMO contamination. There have, meanwhile, been countless lawsuits launched by organic farmers for pesticide contamination, because under current law, pesticides can indeed contaminate an organic crop. The effect of Senator Mike Pompeo’s proposed GMO labeling law will be to put GMOs in the same category as pesticides when it comes to contaminating organic crops.

For more information, log onto:

The first genetically modified (GM) crop was commercially approved and released into the environment 20 years ago. From the beginning, some of us have been warning repeatedly of hidden dangers from the unintended horizontal transfer of GM DNA (transgenes). A comprehensive review (“Gene Technology and Gene Ecology of Infectious Diseases,” ISIS scientific publication) and successive updates were submitted to the World Health Organization (WHO) and regulatory agencies in the US, UK and European Union (see “Ban GMOs Now,” ISIS Report); all to no avail.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about the GMO issue and more, one can easily log onto:






Monday, June 2, 2014

Check out the NEW GMO and Fluoride Hubs of Breaking News on these topics!

You can find the best articles, studies and research by reading the headlines and just clicking on the URL web address below each headline! That's it. You have all the best research gathered on one page and update all day, every day by the Health Ranger Mike Adams, Editor in Chief of Natural News. This is revolutionary and evolutionary to make real news and real research available for health enthusiasts who don't like their health news filtered by mainstream media, newspapers and social media!






Why are these HUBS so important, you ask?


The U.S. Government and the Western Medicine Industrial Complex have lots of sponsors on TV, in newspaper and popular magazines, and on line that help fund websites like Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube. When people post information, headlines, links, videos and podcasts that blow the whistle on the whole toxic food and medicine industry, these sites are forced to "represent" and filter out, block out, censor (whatever you want to call it) the information that would be a nemesis to these sponsors making money off people's sickness and chronic useless sick care (like Obamacare).


You see, healthcare in America is not about helping people cover REAL medicine, like organic herbs, Naturopathic physician visits, chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, Superfoods, natural herbal tinctures, and nature's best antibiotics like colloidal silver and oil of oregano. So now, as GMO rocks the food world with pesticide-laden, cancer causing foods like corn, soy, canola, sugarbeets, alfalfa and cottonseed, people must stay on their toes with the latest insight and constantly changing information about what is healthy and what to avoid like the plague!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A quarter of a million Gulf War veterans may have pesticide syndrome and have been sickened by anti-nerve gas pills

One thing is for sure in this world - if you eat pesticide, insecticide and herbicide, your brain and central nervous system get damaged, sometimes permanently. Once cleansing organs and the digestive tract cannot handle filtering poison from your blood anymore, the cancer cells take over and organs begin a gradual "shutting down" process. If you add in GMO food and pharmaceutical lab-made medications at that point, you basically smote hope for healing, in the short term and long term. People just don't know, and now there is a study revealing that Gulf War veterans were exposed to pesticide and that's the main part of this syndrome that's been a mystery for nearly 15 years. And what are they eating now, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What are they feeding their brain and their heart, their cleansing organs? Do they know the value of organic, certified organic? Do they eat food from local farmers who don't use pesticides? Are they consuming GMO fast food, or gluten, MSG, and Aspartame? These are all excitotoxins. Neurotoxins. Is their "doctor" telling them this? Do they smoke cigarettes - you know, those cancer sticks with 7,000 toxins including herbicide, pesticide, insecticide, bleach and ammonia? Are they taking chemical drugs for anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, nightmares - or are those just symptoms of the medication for the pesticide syndrome?

Per Natural News and the  report:

The RAC Committee is composed of scientific experts and veterans.

"The conclusions of the 2008 RAC report had a substantial impact on scientific and clinical thinking about Gulf War illness, as well as the public acceptance of this disorder," said White. The earlier report documented several studies that found evidence linking the syndrome/illness to exposure to pesticides and pyridostigmine bromide, an element found in anti-nerve gas pills that were given to troops, in addition to other toxic sources.

"Studies published since 2008 continue to support the conclusion that Gulf War illness is causally related to chemical exposures in the combat theater," White said of the latest report. "And many studies of the brain and central nervous system, using imaging, EEG and other objective measures of brain structure and function, add to the existing evidence that central nervous system dysfunction is a critical element in the disorder. Evidence also continues to point to immunological effects of Gulf War illness."

Learn more: 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Have you heard about Food Drugs? Do you know how harmful they can be?

According to Natural News, over 250 million Americans are addicted to food drugs and are suffering from health consequences -- heading directly toward cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and arthritis. In order to understand the actual scenario, you need to seek answers to the following questions:
What is junk science?
Who invests in it?
Who is responsible for this insidious development?
Why do the Biotech Industry and the late great healthcare scam of Obamacare want you addicted to junk food?
What is the big picture and what is the grand connection here?
Do they bioengineer aspartame (central nervous system disruptor) and MSG (another CNS disruptor) to make you hungrier and make you gain weight?
And do they bioengineer bug killer and weed killer to ruin your good gut bacteria, your flora?

For more information, log onto:

The Health Ranger is studying this phenomenon in the Natural News Forensic Food Lab -- using microscopy and other high-tech scientific equipment for measuring chemical levels in foods, including toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and aluminum
Ask any natural health enthusiast this question, and they will estimate a similar statistic here. Much more than half, and closer to 75 or 80% of the masses do not eat organic food regularly, if ever. To find this fact, you could simply look at the GNP of organic versus conventional (GMO) food and drinks, or the gross national sales. You would also have to consider personal products, cosmetics, lotions, soaps etc. in the equation, because the skin is the largest organ, and if you are using chemical care products on your skin, then you are also consuming "cancer" as GMOs, heavy metal toxins, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum (petroleum), BPA and more.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the horrifying truth about food drugs issue and more, one can easily log onto:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Long term conventional medicine detriment HIGH - hospital procedures do more damage in long run!


Today's custom is that if a person has a more serious health issue, conventional medicine is the unquestionable source of answers. Although results often appear to be helpful and "life-saving" on the surface, there often comes serious long-term damage that severely compromises quality of life. In that vein, here are three hospital procedures that can ruin long-term health.

Learn more:

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Organic canola - the great oxymoron

Canola is not a plant or did you not know? You think because something is labeled organic that it’s good for you? You got another thing coming. And what about all those salad dressing loaded with this oil the FDA only approves because decades ago some Canadian food scientist REDUCED the toxicity to fit their “guidelines.” Are there guidelines for eating ant and bug killer pesticide, or is that not food? I’m confused. Organic canola oil expeller pressed doesn’t impress me, in fact, it depresses me. Let’s get this BIG GRAY AREA cleared up. Spectrum touts their canola as if it’s natural and has grown in nature forever, but the cold hard fact is that it’s a derivative of rapeseed, which is not edible for humans. What happened? Spectrum, I believe, is misleading the masses with organic canola. It seems like a huge oxymoron for the morons to eat and not “worry” about their health, or cancer. The scientific community seems to be all about Biotech (infesting food with GMO pesticides and herbicides inside of seeds) and maybe we are not testing U.S. food properly for chemical contaminants like heavy metals and seeds that come from toxic plants.

Of course the “scientific community” calls it nutritious, and they also like eating GMO pesticide laden food, and they like taking chemical, lab-made pharmaceuticals to cover up symptoms of disease and disorder. This same “scientific community” doesn’t test their own food by-products and manufactured toxins on rats, dogs or humans for more than a few months, but the French scientist Seralini did! America loves their canola! Yummy! Give me some hexane vapor or some altered seed oil that’s “expeller pressed” from something we’re not even supposed to eat in the first place. Who cares how you prepare it, if it’s toxic? Am I right or am I right? If I had some expeller pressed cockroach oil and told you it didn’t contain any gasoline constituents – would you want some? Canola is like sodium benzoate as it chokes your cells, ruins your immunity and requires extra “processing” by your body just to filter out the toxic synthetic oil that comes from rapeseed, which Mother Nature never intended as food – that’s why it stinks. You know when manufacturing and processing companies and corporations make canola - they ALL have to put it through a DEODORIZING PROCESS to remove the stink. Look it up!

PUFA – polyunsaturated fats suppress proper thyroid function</h1>If you don’t know much about polyunsaturated fat, it’s time to “dig in” and get the low down. Polyunsaturated fat is an excellent source of DNA-disrupting free radicals, thyroid-killing omega-6 fatty acids and metabolism-squashing inflammation. What’s worse for your health than processed white flour, refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup? Try a distorted ratio of fats, like 16 to 1, where the omega 6’s and 9’s outweigh the 3’s. ( I really don’t care if organic canola oil is your new margarine, but what I do care about is false advertising, misleading health information, and myths that are perpetuated by companies who don’t want to give up their “easy money.”  

High in unsaturated fats, canola oil delivers more than a nifty name that was derived from Canadian rapeseed oil. Do expeller presses remove the stink of rapeseed? Erucic acid, the fatty acid in canola, causes heart damage in rats. Are you a rat? Your DNA is 99% the same. Consider this; “Since the year 1995, biotech giant Monsanto has manufactured rapeseeds that are genetically engineered to be resistant to the herbicide RoundUp. Today, about 90% of the world’s canola crop is genetically modified.” (

So, do you trust the GMO giant of the world to continue serving you “organic” canola? Get smart on oils and do it now. Dr. John Bergman speaks about thyroid adrenal health, oxidation, inflammation, and disease reversal. Stop eating canola and all the other processed oils. Learn how to keep a healthy thyroid and adrenals. Check out coconut oil, especially if you’re cooking food with oil, and only use organic, real olive oil and keep it raw!

Why should you be a skeptic about eating out at certain diners, restaurants and “corporate” franchises? What happens when you eat too much GMO food, and just how much of your food is GMO in one meal dining out? What about take out food? Natural News is warning diners about metal content in their food. On behalf of consumer health, the whistle is being blown about mercury and pesticides in FOOD! Wake up and smell the poisons. Holistic living and nurturing cognitive ability can be the answer to your prayers. If you haven’t tuned into the research done by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, followed by millions for news on healthy food, consumer protection and environmental sustainable practices, you should start that daily “regimen” now. 




Friday, April 18, 2014

"Certified" Heavy Metal Toxins in Food? - Natural News Insight - what's happening to organic?

Sure there are heavy metals found across the globe in natural foods, like copper, iron and zinc, but what high levels of industry pollutants are you consuming? Natural News is researching and documenting the following: “We are finding and documenting heavy metals in all sorts of dietary products, including organic foods, protein supplements, herbal supplements, beverages, vitamin pills and more.” The Health Ranger is a forensic food scientist and is tearing into this atrocity of the Big Food Industry and even “Certified Organic” foods imported from China: Click and read the research here: